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Hi, we go by the names Candice (left) and Janice (right). As you probably can see, we are twins and share a comparable life story to date. We are both mothers and have 2 children each. After the birth of our second children (beautiful boys born 6 weeks apart) we decided to get fit again.

We have always been active and have been doing nonspecific exercise all our lives. We wanted more this time. We joined an all-women studio gym where we were exposed to strength training (weights), box fit training and other sorts. This is where our passion for fitness, health and vitality started.

Now for a little bit of history

We are both qualified healthcare workers and practiced for several years; in both the state and private sectors, before deciding to enroll at Nelson Mandela Bay Business School to further our education in business. We both successfully obtained qualifications in Business Administration.

At the beginning of South Africa’s COVID-19 hard lockdown, March 2019, we started exercising at home. Before this, we were not keen or accustomed to the whole gym at home type scenario. We were left with little choice. We started off with the bare minimum and our backyards became our playground. Most of our training we did from online workouts, and this is where we came across the rebounder; such a fun method of training and so versatile! Without hesitation, we ordered our own rebounders and before long, we registered for the rebounder instructor course, earning our stripes. Having successfully completed the course with the assistance of ReboundSA and Fitpro, we can finally open a studio and this is where our journey starts…

Start your journey with us today

What is rebounding?

Rebounding is a form of exercise in which you perform different types of jumps and movements on a rebounder, also known as a mini trampoline. It is a fun way of exercising and you can burn tons of calories. It is an effective form of working out as it works the entire body.

How does it work?

Rebounding works the muscles in the legs, improves your endurance, strengthens and tones the upper body with the use of weights and accessories. Rebounding works the entire cardiovascular system while being gentle on the joints. It is suitable for people of all ages from children to adults as well as the baby boomers.

What do we do?

Our workouts include, but is not limited to, high intensity, low impact workouts, HIIT style workouts, toning workouts by using light weights, bootcamp workouts and a whole lot more! Need a boost of energy? Come and join a class! The vibe is fun and friendly and sometimes intense, but we guarantee that you will be bouncing (pardon the pun) with energy on your way out J.

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